Patrick Keely's Hidden Treasure on Bolton Hill

A Special Anniversary Presentation

Corpus Christi Church
Baltimore, MD
Saturday, May 30, 2015

2:00 pm
Nave of the Church

Towering above its surroundings on Bolton Hill is one of the most magnificent parish structures ever created by the the celebrated Irish American Architect, Patrick Charles Keely. By the early 1880's, Keely had designed numerous churches and cathedrals in the United States. It was not unusual, then, that the Jenkins children, following the request of their dear mother, Louisa Carrell Jenkins, would call upon Keely to design this splendid edifice whose spire soars prominently today over the Baltimore skyline.

Corpus Christi Spire

Patrick Keely had already completed two ecclesiastical structures in Baltimore: St. Mary, Star of the Sea, in the 1860's, and the Romanesque Chapel for St. Joseph's Passionist Monastery, by 1880. It would be Patrick Keely's Jenkins memorial design, and the incorporation of the finest ecclesiastical treasures from the John Hardman Studios of England, that would raise the status of this noble structure to one of the finest Catholic churches to be found along the East Coast.

Corpus Christi Spire

There will be a table display of Patrick C. Keely's various plans,
along with photos of some of his noble church structures,
which attendees may view at their leisure.

Corpus Christi Spire

The main presentation will consist of a PowerPoint
following Keely's early accomplishments, and through his career

Corpus Christi Spire

Parker Lecture Series
Saturday, November 2, 2013

" Patrick C. Keely's Gems of Lowell, MA "
St. Patrick's Church, 2 P.M

A presentation exploring the varied styles, and history of the 5
churches designed by Keely. His first was St. Patrick's, which was destroyed by fire , but rebuilt by the firm of Keely and Houghton. Another Gothic gem is, " The Immaculate." St. Michael's and the shuttered Sacred Heart were from the Keely firm. Keely's last design in Lowell, and his last, "Cathedral size, Church," was St. Peter's, on Gorham St. It was one of the outstanding churches in the Boston Archdiocese, and parish of Cardinal O'Connell. Unfortunately, Cardinal Law had the treasure, demolished, despite great protests, both locally, and in national preservation.

Cathedral Christmas Carol Sing
Saturday, December 28, 2013, 6 PM, Main Church
Cathedral of the Holy Cross
1400 Washington, St. Boston's South End.
Leo Abbott, Cathedral Music Director, will accompany carol sing participants
on the Historic, 1875, Hook & Hastings Organ of 5,292 pipes, filling the Cathedral in its Christmas Magnificent Splendor
Free and open to all, Carol books will be provided.

March 22, 2013, Friday, Starts 9:00 AM

Location: Rockefeller Center
Time Life Building - Henry Luce Room, 2nd Floor

PROGRAM from Symposium 2013
8:30 AM - Registration and Coffee
9:00 AM - Welcome and Acknowledgements.

An Open Invitation, Donald M. Reynolds, Art Historian, New York City

9:45 AM - Keely Society, "The Art,and Architecture of Patrick C. Keely"
Edward H. "Ted" Furey, Artist, Educator, Founder and President of the Keely Society, Enfield, Connecticut.

10:30 AM - "Exemplar of the Best in Gothic Design."
Frank Greeenagel, Author, Educator, Industrial Psychologist, Photographer, Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

11:15 AM - "Ecclesiastical Decor as a Physical Manifestation of Faith."
Delma Tallerico, A Look at the Architects, Artists, and Artisans of the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries. Delma Tallerico, Independent Scholar Author, Lecturer, Wexford, Pennsylvania.

Lunch Break
2:00 PM - "Patrick Keely and the Protestants."
Ryan K. Smith, Professor of History, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.

2:45 - "Franz Mayer Stained Glass in Patrick Keely's, Church of St. Charles Borromeo, Brooklyn," NY"

Francis J. Greene, Professor of Fine Arts, St. francis College, Brooklyn, NY.

3:30 - "Historic Stained Glass, the Medium." Thomas Venturella, Founder and President of Thomas venturella Conservation Studio, New York City.
4:P15 - "Church Architecture Returns to the Value of iconography and Decoration." John Canning, Founder and Principal of john Canning Studios, Cheshire, Connecticut.

Holy Cross Cathedral Tour
July 7, 2012, 6 PM
The Cathedral Tour is Free, and open to all the Public.

Located at 1400 Washington Street, Boston's South End, Ted Furey, President of the Keely Society will guide the Tour guests from the basement crypt to the towers, via the organ gallery. Focus will turn to the significance of the rare, enamel portraiture painting on stained glass, and three Chapels of the Cathedral.

Original architectural drawings of the architect, Patrick C. Keely, will be on display, as well as historic photos from the 1890's. Mr. Leo Abbott, Music Director for the Cathedral will play the Historic, 5,292 pipe, Hook & Hastings Organ.

Guests may enter the main portals on Washington Street, or enter via the air conditioned, Chapel of the Blessed sacrament Chapel on Union Park Street
Limited parking is available at the Cathedral parking Lot, corner of Harrison Ave. & Malden St., with entrance on Malden St. with parking to the left.

Note: A Handicap ramp is situated on the Union Park St. side, with elevator to the main level.

March 17, 2012

Annual St. Patrick's Day Mass
Cathedral of the Holy Cross
12 PM
Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley

January 2012
St. Stanislaus Kostka Church
Chicago, IL, Grand Restoration Project
Watch for news and photos
Phase I - October 2011, Essential Truss Repair
Phase II - Original Interior Restoration
Please visit - www.stanskostka.com

November 12, 2011
Harvard Graduate & Undergraduate Architectural Tour
Professor Christine Smith PhD (New York University)
Robert C. & Marian K. Weinberg Professor of Architectural History, Harvard Graduate School of Design
11:00 AM, Meet at Main doors - Washington Street*

June 4, NEW TIME - 10 AM, and July 12, 2011 Events

Successfully Completed - See below

*May 17, 2011, Tuesday - The Callowhill Neighborhood Association has won their Appeal to stop demolition!*

Victory for Church of the Assumption, Philadelphia, PA

1848 Patrick C. Keely Edifice
On May 8, the Philadelphia Historical Commission elected to add the Church of the Assumption, to its Historic LIsting.


Unfortunately, on September 10, 2010, the owner who applied for a
"hardship, demolition permit," had it granted.The owner has trashed the interior, by removing salvageable items,thus causing his own hardship.

However, its remaining, Keely designed, interior features, make this a very suitable structure for restoration and reuse by the citizens of Callowhill, and all Philadelphia to admire.

Assumption Church's twin spires, rise above the Callowhill neighborhood, adding stability, and a sense of peace to a revitalizing area.
One can read articles, and know of its history, but until one stands in its very presence, gazing at its dominating facade, and soaring spires on Spring Garden Street, only then, can one appreciate the powerful impact this structure has on the soul of a neighborhood.

This Historic Philadelphia Church's presence is a very important structure, that must be preserved for future generations.
Photos of this magnificent Keely Church to follow soon!

Special Boston Architect's Religious Commission Tour

June 4, 2011

Free Parking is available in the Cathedral parking lot,
Northeast corner of Harrison Ave. & Malden Street
Interested participants may enter the main doors, on Washington Street, and gather at the Keely Exhibit under the organ gallery. The Handicap entrance is on the Union Park Street, North side, of the Cathedral. Lunch area will be provided for those who wish it.

"Angels, Arches & Altars"

Cathedral of the Holy Cross Summer Tour, 2011

Saturday, July 16th, 6 PM

Enter Main doors on Washington Street

(More particulars to follow)

Cathedral Christmas Carol Sing

5:15 PM - After the 4:30 PM, Lower Cathedral Mass
Saturday, To be Announced for 2011

Cathedral of the Holy Cross

1400 Washington Street
Boston, Massachusetts

The 5th annual Cathedral Christmas Carol Sing will take place this year, once again at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

With the 5,292 pipes of the Historic Hook & Hasings Opus 801, filling the vast Cathedral nave for the fifth year, Christmas Music lovers, one and all are invited to the monumental Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Washington Street in Boston's historic South End. The combined choirs of St. James the Greater Church, Haverhill, MA, and St. Augustine Church, of Andover, MA, will perform choral works. Altar Servers, with lighted candles, from St. Benedict's Church, Somerville, MA, will process during the singing of Christmas Carols. Carol booklets will be available, and a special trip to the organ gallery will give participants an unusual close-up of this grand instrument, and a rare look at the Cathedral's Christmas splendor. Historic 200th Anniversary photos and items will be on display. Refreshments and free parking behind the Cathedral on the corner of Harrison Ave. and Malden St. is available.

For more information, contact patrickkeelysociety@gmail.com


Christmas 2007 Pictures

Church of Saint Mary - The Immaculate Conception, Derby, Connecticut

Saint Francis Xavier, New York, New York

Sacred Heart, Mount Holly, New Jersey

Saint Bernard, New York, NY


The Burning of St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hartford

Scenes from the fire that destroyed this majestic Keely-designed cathedral 54 years ago on New Year's Eve, 1956
St. Patrick's Church, Thompsonville, CT, Historical photos, and Fire of January 5, 1949


June 2007

"Keely Congress VII"

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
Boston, Massachusetts
Fr. John J. Connolly, Rector
Internationally recognized Eccesiastical
firms with presentations on
Decorative Arts and Stained Glass
New Jersey - New York Keely Bus Tour

January 2006

Cathedral of the Holy Cross
The Cathedral Nativity
Erected & sponsored by the Keely Society

Friday, December 30, 2005, 4:00 pm

Christmas Tour of Keely Churches & Christmas Carol Sing

The annual "Christmas Tour of Keely Churches" began at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross on Washington Ave. in the South End of Boston. The first stop of the walking tour was at the gothic style "Christmas Church" of Holy Trinity Parish on Shamut Ave. The romanesque edifice of St. James the Greater Church, on Harrison Avenue in the Chinatown section, was next, featuring its great, granite pillars supporting a grand vaulted ceiling. Our final destination was the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, where, amid the glow of Christmas lights, angels and candelabra, a Christmas carol Sing took place. Holiday refreshments were served in the Lower Cathedral Social Room.

Boston's wintry chill and blustery winds didn't stop fifty brave architectual bluffs from the Christmas tour of Keely Churches and Christmas Carol Sing at the Cathedral. Each structure was aglow in its Christmas finest. Holy Trinity's sanctuary lights that line the complete gothic arch from floor to apex and down the opposite side were lighted with hundreds of white bulbs. At St. James' Church, Father Hugh O'Regan spoke about the unusual features of this large romanesque structure. Wafting incense greeted the travelers at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross with low lighting, a myriad of flickering candles, and the swelling music of the historic 1875 Hook & Hastings Organ adding to the aura of this magnificent Keely edifice. Participants sang along with each Carol, and each held a lighted candle during the singing of "Silent Night."

Keely Congress

This annual event brings some of the most renowned preservation and conservation firms to present their mission of work related to church structures. The prestigious firms of John Canning Painting & Conservation Studios, of Cheshire, CT, Conrad Schmitt Studios of New Berlin, WI, and Arte Granda of Madrid, Spain and Chicago, IL, participated in the Keely Congress held at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, MA, on May 4. 2002. On Saturday, June 7, 2003, the Keely Congress will be held again at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, MA. Arte Granda, a world renowned liturgical firm will be returning with one of their extraordinary exhibits, and the John Canning Studios is planning to participate. A presentation on Patrick Keely, exhibits, "Bygone Treasures of the Cathedral II," "Franz Mayer of Munich, and Patrick Keely"� and "Its All in the Details"� are planned, as well as the photo exhibit of Keely's various styles of church architecture. More information, contact - patrickkeelysociety@gmail.com


The Keely Society tote bag is a heavy, durable and washable canvas tote. It measures 18"x13", with a dark green, 10"x10" logo. The logo depicts architect designs of three great New England Cathedrals by Patrick C. Keely. Left to right, exterior design of Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston, Ma. Interior organ gallery desing of Sts. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Providence, RI. and truss designs for St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hartford, CT.

Available - $10 plus $3 Postage etc.

Contact: patrickkeelysociety@gmail.com

Spanish Statuary

The Keely Society has been asked to supply various, high quality religious statuary to enhance religious settings. The finest figures available today are produced in Spain. They are hand finished and indivudually distinct. These are not the stock Spanish pieces, but ones whose form and execution reflect the highest quality of the late 19th century. A group of Spanish artisans started their work in 1880 and a select group carries on this rich tradition. The figures are finely created in "Pasta Madera", a wood paste. Here are only a few of their creations:

Where it all begins

A unique group of religious imagery artists, formed at the end of the 19th Century. Their aim was to produce the finest quality religious statues in a, "Pasta Madera," or wood paste. This would form intricatly detailed figures. This endeavor began in the Northeast region of Catalan, Spain. This breathtaking area is seen in this view.

Thunderstorm afternoon in Catalan, Spain

A view of the type of factory buildings used in the production of artistic imagery crafting in Catalan, Spain. Summer storms often interrupt the sunny Spanish afternoon, as happens here in this August photo. The open top floor is where the pasta madera figures cure, slowly, for two to three weeks in the open air. below, on the second floor, the artists work with oil paint, and their artistic flair, and crativity to complete figures for worldwide clients.

The sun breaks through on storage building #2

In this structure are stored the original wood models, created by artisits reaching back over 100 years. The molds are also stored here, and the process of making the,"pasta madera," takes place on the ground floor.

Carved wood angels await use

Two lifesize, "Angels of Adoration," rest in the upper floor of building #2.
Wings of angels are molded seperately, and added at a later time.

Molds for large scenes and Stations of the Cross

These molds usually are used to created pasta madera figures. Eight castings can be completed before new molds are created. This is to ensure exactness to the original wood carved ststue. Marguerite Pijon is our guide for this part of the workshop, or "taller."

Three Majestic Kings created in 100cms., Clase 1a

These realistically crafted figures are model 42-G. These standing figures measure 40 inches. They are also made for Nativity sets ranging in 20, 24, 28, and 40 inch figures. Other Magi can be supplied in 48", and 60" sizes. This similar Model 42-G, of Magi, will be illustrated below in "Museun Quality gold Leafed Policromatic Finish," soon.

All the illustrated figures in color, are not company photos, but actual, CLIENT ORDERED PIECES, from Spain.

Museum Quality Madonna and Child

This extrodiary creation, modeled in pasta madera, illustrates finely finished features, that are similar to the style of the, Great Italian painter, Sandro Botticelli. This piece is crafted in 120cms. approximately 4 feet, if standing.
The size is proper for any setting, and use in Church or Cathedral as life size. Life size is available in any finish.

All the areas of clothing are first covered in gold leaf. The figures are then painted in the desired shades. Next a wood stylus is used to skim away the oil paint to reveal the gold leaf below. An artist finishes the delicate features of the Madonna and Child, Lastly, the elaborate decorative overpainting is finished, and base is trimed with gold leaf. Indenting in patterned designs then, finishes the piece.
The Piece is packed and ready for shipment, to be used in a United States Cathedral. Bathed in candlelight at Christma, the sight is a wonder to behold, with the gold reflecting, the twinkling of the candle flame.

A Nativity piece, such as this, is a, Treasure for the Ages!"

The Madonna and Child

Mary looks at her Devine Son . It is a depiction of awe, and wonder. The colors used, and designs depicted, hand done by the Spanish artists are rendered and created to the desired wishes of the client.

Delicate Botticelli-like Features of the Virgin

A ethereal gentleness on the face of the Blessed Virgin, is seen in this extraordinary depiction of Mary, Devine Mother.

The Nativity of Jesus

This particular set is crafted in sizes 24", 32', 40", 48", and 60."
Angels, numerous Shepherds and Magi, can be added to enhance the scene. The colors and designs in this case were left up to the individual artist. Hand decorated these museum quality figures, first gets a coat of gold leaf. Color and designs are then completed. The same Nativity model can be seen below presented differently.

Different designs and color rendering on the Nativity of Jesus

It is easy to see the same models finished in two differnt styles to the complete satisfaction of the particular clients.

Ploicrmatic, Museum Quality, St. Joseph

This figure of St. Joseph is fabricated in 16", and 20", sizes for homes or chapels that wish a superb depiction of the Nativity. The clothing of the figure was completely covered in gold leaf, and overpainted in verde green. It was then incised with a wood stylus in lines, to reveal the gold. Finally, the artist paints the designs.

Angel of Eucharist Adoration

This Heavenly Angel, looks down, lovingly, at the resting place of the Eucharist in a Tabernacle. This angel is featured in many catalogues. This is the actual Angel, fabricated by the Spanish artists, for the Keely Society.
There are two different angels in this pair. A pair of angels finished in white and gold design robes were furnished to a client, and adorn the altar and tabernacle. This adoring angel, along with its partner have been used in New England Cathedrals.

Large Nativity Scene

Completed in natural colors,this beautiful Nativity scene, is available with numerous other shepherds, kings, and angels. The figures are fabricated in 24' 32" 40", 48" and lifesize 60".

Angels in flight can be fabricated in 40" and 48" sizes.

The Virgin of a Nativity Set

Finished in the traditional colors of European nativity sets, this class 2a, figure of Mary, kneeling in a resting position, is seen with a face of serenity and beauty. Mary admiringly looks down on the Holy baby.


This figure is avilable in 120cms.- 4 feet, which is the standard size for a large chapel or church. Thsi figure can also be produced in 32", 40", and 60". The tunic is off-white, with hand tooled gold leaf triangular design at the base. The mantle is a rich red, with hand tooled gold leaf borders, of interwaven thorns and Passion flower. The base is gold leaf, in a hand tooled design. An elaborate halo of brass is available. It is similar to that illustrated. Please e-mail patrickkeelysociety@gmail.com for photos.

Example of hand tooled god leaf by Catalan artists

A closeup of the hand tooled designs, highly embellished and over painted that was requested for this figure of the Sacred Heart, Model 387-S. This is an example of Clase 1a, hand work. Clase 2a, would be similar but in gold paint, not gold leaf.


Crafted in a number of similar depictions, this Assumption can be created in 32", 40", 48", and 60" sizes. The image can be produced without the cherubs, on a cloud base as shown.