Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find architectural drawings of our Keely Church?

Very few exist, because:
  • They were not saved by the parish after the church was built
  • Keely Family members burned them in the 1920's, lest they be misused
  • Archives in the 1930's discarded many by mistake
  • Early Keely drawings were on linen, which the parish nuns later made into various church cloths
  • In the 1950's architects borrowed them from Archives,and failed to return them

Many Archdiocese, and Diocese Archives, some churches and convents, have some or a few copies.

How many churches did Patrick C. Keely's Firm, build?

In 1884, when Keely received the Latare Medal from Notre Dame University,the Brooklyn Eagle stated, "already, Mr. Keely has over 700 churches to his credit." Patrick C. Keely's 100th church was Holy Name, in Chicopee, MA, built in 1859 It mirrors in style, Keely's first Church of Sts.Peter and Paul, in Williamsburg, NY. It's steeple was later removed and finally, in 1957, the church was demolished. On July 17, 1869, the cornerstone of St. Vincent de Paul Church, in Brooklyn, NY, was laid. This was Keely's 385 church design, according to historian, Henry Reed Stiles. Keely had 25 more productive years in which he and his firm could easily attain the 700 designs. In an article in the New York Tines of july 13, 1884, in reporting on architect, Patrick Keely, it stated, "Since then he has given plans and superintetended the erection of over 600 churches, including many large cathedrals through the East and Middle States."

How many children did Patrick Keely and his wife, Sarah Farmer, have?

Family descendants, living today, have many stories about family life.
They state that there were 19 children born, two sets of twins that died, and a set of un-named twins.
Only 11 Keely children lived to an appreciable age.
There were no male heirs. The Keely descendants today are descendants of Sarah Keely Turner, and Teresa Keely Hagerty's children
Only a simple marker,'KEELY," marks their graves in Holy Cross Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY.

In May of 2001, Keely's Great Grand Daughter, and two Great, Great Grand daughters, along with their husbands, attended the Keely Congress, held in Keely's monumental, Romanesque style Church of St. John the Baptist, 75 Lewis Ave., Brooklyn, NY

On March 17, 2004, four Keely descendants attended the Annual St. Patrick's Day Mass, at the Great, Keely, Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston, MA.
In a special ceremony, initiated by Ted Furey, President, and with the aid of Notre Dame University President, and the Latare Medal Committee, a re-created Latare Medal, was presented to the Keely Family present, to replace the 1884, latare Medal, presented to Patrick Charles Keely, that was lost to history.
The Presentation was made by Archbishop Sean O'Malley.

June 18th 2008, saw the President of the Keely Society, Ted Furey, and four of the Keely Family descendants gather in New York City, for the "Victory Celebration" when Patrick Keely's 1848 St. Brigid's Church was saved from demolition by a $12 Million gift from a private donor.

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The President of the Keely Society stands before the portals of Holy Cross Cathedral in Boston where the first Keely Congress was held in May of 1999. The special figure of St. Patrick, made in Spain, represents the patron saint of the great architect, Patrick Charles Keely.